Great Horned Rattlesnake
Acrylic on kraft board
32x42.125inches, 81.28x106.9975cm
By descent - Collection of Dicken Woodsworth (2005); Collection of Kenneth Woodsworth, Vancouver (1960, formerly of the Bars of Ontario and British Columbia); Acquired from the artist (in exchange for legal services - through Jack Pollock). For a similar treatment see Canadian Museum of Civilization Collection, Gatineau, Quebec. Fig. 4, "Untitled (Horned Snake Ojibway Medicine Society) c. 1958-61 and Dr. Joseph Weinstein Collection, Netanya, Israel. Fig. 12 "Untitled (Serpent)" c. 1962) -- both reproduced in Norval Morrisseau: Shaman Artist, Greg A. Hill, National Gallery of Canada, 2006.

Central to Ojibway epistemology is the belief in the "medicine snake," a Manitou, or demi-god, that inhabits the Ojibway pantheon of Manitous. This serpent is associated with shamanic power and healing. -Armand Ruffo
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