l to r: Bandolier for Niibwa Ndanwendaagan (My Relatives), Digital Bandolier, Bandolier for Manidoo-minising (Manitoulin island)
Mixed Media
92x14x3inches, 233.68x35.56x7.62cm
Photo: Karsh-Masson Gallery, Ottawa (Jan 2016) installation view
Velvet fabric, brass screens, electronic components (capacitors, resistors, light emitting diodes, transistors), horsehair, wire, glass beads, paper, cotton thread, cotton fabric, metal, plastic and digital screens
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Barry Ace
Michael Belmore
Robert Davidson
William Forrestall
Michael French
Robert Houle
Henri Masson (Estate)
William McElcheran (Estate)
Norval Morrisseau
John Newman
Jane Ash Poitras
Glenn Priestley
Fred Ross (Estate)
Joseph Sánchez
Arthur Shilling
Int'l Works On Paper