Fort McLeod
Oil on canvas
36x36inches, 91.44x91.44cm
reference to Fort Macleod, Alberta

Another significant set of works, created over the last fifteen years, centres on the morningstar, the last star seen in the night sky, which fades and disappears as the sun rises. In most of these skyscapes, the morningstar is most often depicted as a small plus sign, painted in white with a red centre, floating in skies that range from blue to white to black to orange, as rays of morning light trace across the always changing lightening sky, signalling the return of the sun to Kawikwetawankak. – David McIntosh, Associate Professor, Media Studies OCADU
Barry Ace
Michael Belmore
Robert Davidson
William Forrestall
Michael French
Robert Houle
Henri Masson (Estate)
William McElcheran (Estate)
Norval Morrisseau
John Newman
Jane Ash Poitras
Glenn Priestley
Fred Ross (Estate)
Joseph Sánchez
Arthur Shilling
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