Acoma: The Sky City
Mixed media on canvas
30x20inches, 76.2x50.8cm
The landscape on the lower part of the painting is from an 1883 photograph of the southern approach to Acoma. It shows women bringing water in traditional earthenware pots up the narrow rugged trail from a cistern to the mesa-top Sky City, one of the oldest continually inhabited towns in the present day US. I visited this beautiful place several years back. The resolute face of the Acoma woman in this 20th-century photo by Edward Curtis reflects both the pain her people have endured and the determination with which they have survived. - Jane Ash Poitras
Barry Ace
Michael Belmore
Pat Clemes
Stanley Cosgrove (Estate)
Robert Davidson
William Forrestall
Michael French
Robert Houle
Maryon Kantaroff
Tom La Pierre (Estate)
Peter Mah
Henri Masson (Estate)
William McElcheran (Estate)
Norval Morrisseau
John Newman
Jane Ash Poitras
Glenn Priestley
Fred Ross (Estate)
Joseph Sánchez
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