Fox Tail Moccasins
Mixed Media
41x7x9inches, 104.14x17.78x22.86cm
Inspired by a 19th-century engraving by Swiss artist Karl Bodmer; Artist's shoes - electronic components (resistors, capacitors), glass beads, horse hair, tin cones, rooster feathers, mother of pearl buttons, synthetic porcupine hair, cowry shells, white heart trade beads, feathers, pipe bone, deer hide

From 1832 to 1834, Bodmer traveled through the American West with explorer, naturalist, and ethnographer Prince Alexander Philipp Maximilian of Neuwied, Prussia (now Germany). This journey was the inspiration for Maximilianís book "Travels in the Interior of North America," which was published with an atlas of illustrations by Bodmer. -Architectural Digest
Barry Ace
Michael Belmore
Pat Clemes
Stanley Cosgrove (Estate)
Robert Davidson
William Forrestall
Michael French
Robert Houle
Maryon Kantaroff
Tom La Pierre (Estate)
Peter Mah
Henri Masson (Estate)
William McElcheran (Estate)
Norval Morrisseau
John Newman
Jane Ash Poitras
Glenn Priestley
Fred Ross (Estate)
Joseph Sanchez
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