Pascin, Pauline La Figurante
Graphite on wove paper laid down on card stock
13x18.175inches, 33.02x46.1644980621338cm
Jules Pascin was a Bulgarian artist who, like so many others, was attracted to the Paris art scene at the beginning of the twentieth century. He was part of the Paris that lead to the Modernist movement. Pascin is an artist’s artist, a modern master of the figure. He resided in the red light district of Paris, with a large number of his models being his neighbours, local prostitutes who became friends and would come to smoke cigarettes, chat, snooze, and lie around in his studio during the day. Pauline was a favourite model and this is a lovely finished sketch of her. As a type of drawing it is nicely placed between a fresh quick sketch and a sustained drawing. It has more life then the sustained academic drawings of past centuries and more to it than just a study or gesture from past centuries. A type of drawing not really known before the twentieth century, a drawing for drawing sake, not a study, a finished piece of art unto itself.
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