Grosz, Garnet Lake, New York
Watercolour on paper
15.5x19.75inches, 39.37x50.165cm
c. 1943
Garnet Lake is located in the Adirondack Mountains in upstate New York, approximately 350 miles north of New York City. George Grosz emigrated to New York in January 1933 after his Berlin studio was ransacked by the Gestapo. He taught at the Art Students League during the 1930s and became an American citizen in 1938. Grosz wrote,"Fantasy may be uninhibited fancy, which has no contact with the world of reality. But it may also lurk beneath a simple object in nature, like a tree or a rock or a sand dune." Distinguishing his later works as "abstract in comparison" to his earlier "political and satirical" work, Grosz enjoyed rediscovering the creative process: "…drawing for the sheer pleasure of working with planes, lines, dots and hooks to represent textures, or blacks and whites to conjure up sfumati and chiaroscuri." A similar work titled "Trees At Garnet Lake" is reproduced in George Grosz Drawings fig. 49 (H. Bittner & Co., New York, 1944.)
Barry Ace
Michael Belmore
Robert Davidson
William Forrestall
Michael French
Robert Houle
Henri Masson (Estate)
William McElcheran (Estate)
Norval Morrisseau
John Newman
Jane Ash Poitras
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